I feel like utter and complete hell. I have been fighting this “cold” for 2 weeks now, but everytime I start to feel even slightly better, I end up coughing and geting cold sweats by the end of the day. I'm utterly F'ing miserable. My new strategy though is to try and be healthy. No more junk food or soda until this passes, and I'm going to try and hit the sack before 1am for the rest of this week.

The dogs have been cutting into my valuable morning slumber by getting us up at 7am and not wanting to settle down. This is in part due to my neighbors not being willing to put their dog on a leash though. It comes into our yard and gets our dogs crazy, then we try to go back to bed, but the dogs just pace around the bedroom staring out the windows and listening for the slightest anomolous sound to set them off into a tirade of barking. Insanity I tell you, Insanity. Thats enough of a rant for now.


~ by David on February 8, 2006.

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