Second Quarter…

Gonna just go in order this quarter.

Bud streaker – Here I was expecting some animal football
(please don’t get me started on that puppybowl on Animal
Planet, ug..) and I ended up laughing pretty hard.

Mobile ESPN – Too much going on with too little impact.

Career Builder – A cute continuation of the monkey
commercials. Ahh… where would we be without chimps.

Cadillac Escalade – Stunning visuals in this spot. I loved
the look.

Dove – Heart warming and well done. From the camera work
to the soundtrack and motion graphics, I enjoyed it.

Mission Impossible – Looks like a good continuation of the
franchise. Seems like it’s replacing James Bond.

ABC The Evidence – It looks like an interesting concept,
but seeing as how it’s ABC, my guess is it won’t fly.
(notable exception to the ABC curse is LOST though,
speaking of which, the lost spot earlier left me dying to
see more)

Ford Escape – Kermit singing and climbing the mountain was
cute, The pay off was a little weak though. I ended up
wondering more about the ressurection of The Muppet Show
than in Ford’s “green” vehicle. Chances are that the
mileage still sucks anyway.

Michelob Ultra – Darker is funnier. Not quite up to par
with Bud, but it definately illicited a smile and chuckle.
Especially on that first tackle, although the second was
enjoyed as well.

Go Daddy – Wow that was a waste of money. I mean, half of
the footage that drew your eye, was from last years crud.
The oxygen mask was cute, but cheap looking overall. I
guess they are counting on tawdry harlots selling.

Gillete Fusion – Alot of graphics for something so simple
Not very well done in my opinion. The level of the
animation seems geared toward 12 yr olds, not adults that
use their products. I am curious as to whether there will
be another injunction this year keeping them from stateing
that it gives a closer shave.

Overstock – bland. bland. bland.

Disneyworld – Pretty average tuesday evening newstime kind
of commercial.


~ by David on February 5, 2006.

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