Liveblogging the commercials… First Quarter

Ok, I’m getting a late start here, but then again so
are the good commercials this Superbowl Sunday.

The highlights so far in my opinion?

Bud light – The magic fridge gave me quite a chuckle.

Fed Ex – Excellent commercial in my opinion, not to
mention good fx.

Bud light – A camper tries to appease a grizzly bear
with a bud light, only to have his buddy streak past
stealing the bear and leaving him to be mauled by
the now very unhappy bear. Cute.

Ameriquest – The shock paddle commercial was
unexpected, nice showing from ameriquest.

Some that weren’t as good….

Bud light – Their first mediocre showing tonight was
this spot showing men escaping to their roofs for a
little privacy, while a neighbor falls through the

V for Vendetta – An interesting preview for yet
another comic book movie. Glad to see a less than
mainstream title being made.

Alleve – These commercials have been rather boring.

Diet Pepsi bobby brown – This commercial did nothing
for me. Then again, I’m not the demographic I’m sure.
Hip hop and low calorie soft drinks are not a combo
that interests me.

I take it back, it wasn’t just the bobby brown spot…

Diet Pepsi – The Jacki Chan spot was just as bad as the
Bobby brown one. I am not really a fan of this concept
of anthropomorphising the can of soda. I hope Pepsi’s
line up strengthens up as the night continues. (note,
the diet coke can working as a stunt double was cute)

Nationwide – Almost too obvious, I saw it coming
entirely too early on. The concept was good, but they
ramped up the cheese factor with the soundtrack during
this one.


~ by David on February 5, 2006.

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