Heh…. A rare thing indeed…

Almost 3 years? Well I'm still here. Life has changed alot. The new business is thriving and things are wonderful with K and I. For those of you who don't know us in RL, we got married last September here in Saratoga. It couldn't have been any better. Friends, family, and good times followed by 10 days in a tropical setting with the love of my life. Who could ask for anything more. Had knee surgery shortly after our return, can't say that went as well, but thats life.

World news? As usual, depressing. The issues with Iran are scarry as hell, but it's not the sort of thing we can just stand back and let happen. And as for this cartoon crap in the news, all I can say is that this is where we would be ending up in this country if we limited freedom of speech and let political corectness guide us. To think that a drawing is enough to get folks so riled up that they want to kill people and burn down embassys… Absolutely amazing. Imagine if someone had done something equivilent to the piece of “art” known as “piss christ” using the image of mohammed. We'd probably have a war on our hands.

Oscars are coming up and K and I are preparing to watch as many of the nominated movies as we can. We've missed alot of them this year, but thank god for second run theaters and netflix. We'll probably manage to catch up on most of the important ones. Tonight we are going to see Munich at the dinner theater.

Well thats about it for todays update. I hope I'll be back before another 3 years passes. Leave me a comment if you read all this. Knowing I have listeners/readers, may keep me writing a little more often. I may even try my hand at some photo blogging in the not too distant future.


~ by David on February 4, 2006.

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