I’ve had to do a lot of thinking lately… Weighing my morals and my fears, my compassion and my concern. The war with Iraq has started, and I have been watching most of it. I see the bombs dropping, the explosions burning across the tv and computer screens. I hear the sirens. I think about what it must be like for the people of Iraq. I worry about the innocents. Collateral damage is a sad way to describe some of what might (and probably will) happen. Funny thing though… That worry dissipates quite quickly as I see the Iraqi citizens cheering in the street, smiling, welcoming the coalition soldiers into their newly liberated city. I stop worrying as I hear the air raid sirens howl in Kuwait. As I watch the people seal their gas masks and run for cover from scud missiles that Saddam Hussein swore he did not have. Are we to believe that he only lied about that…? Oh wait, actually it's that and the statement he made that he would not light the oil fields on fire. It’s sad…
It’s sad that we could have avoided this fight if the world would have stood beside us, showing strength. The same way that the cold war ended, peace through strength. The people urging us to stand with the french and continue inspections, obviously didn't get the significance of Hans Blix's statement in TIME, “I don’t think there would have been any inspection but for outside pressure, including U.S. forces.”. If we hadn’t pursued the military option, or at least made it look that way, he would never have cooperated as much as he did. The problem came from all these people begging peace. From France to the U.S. street, they gave hope to Saddam that he could get away with his half truths and false cooperation. They emboldened him. Maybe they didn’t realize this. I'm sure that their intentions were good, they had every right to do what they did.

This is about oil?
My ass… If you believe this, you are delusional. Maybe we liberated France for the wine.

Go ahead tell the families of those U.S. Marines that their loved ones died for an unjust cause, I hope they spit in your face.

Go ahead and tell the families in Iraq that we liberated them from a raping, torturing, megalomaniac who gasses his own people, because G.W. Bush is mad that Saddam tried to kill his daddy… Watch them laugh at you through tears…

~ by David on March 21, 2003.

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