In my opinion and my experience…

Most protesters (whatever their political slant) are a lot like looters in a riot.

It’s a group mentality. If you asked a person there why they were doing it, 85% or more would merely repeat what they’ve heard from others around them. Most protesters couldn’t logically debate a point. They would merely regurgitate the popular agrument.

I have listened to a lot of protesters talk of their experiences, and it seems that it’s rarely a negative experience. As much as maybe they maybe don’t like to admit it, they had a good time. Protesting made them feel good, they were united in a cause, they were surrounded by people of like mind. It was euphoric… They meditate in the street, they dance and sing anti war songs. They play make believe and lay like their dead in the road.

Today protesters around the country blocked traffic in the name of peace. In a time when we are on high alert against terrorist attacks. Now let me say again, I think these people have every right in the world to speak their minds. They should feel free to take out ads in papers and on tv, they should feel free to hang signs in windows, they can stand in their yards (if it's their property) by themselves or with their friends singing songs and asking people to honk for peace, they can even GET A PERMIT and do it at city hall. But it is not their right to shut down a city in a time of war and alert.

They are endangering the lives of the people around them, they are draining valuable resources from the city, taking up the time of and in many cases disrespecting the people who devote their lives to the safety and security of their communities.

You want my opinion, go home protesters. Maybe watch the Oscars, most of the people on stage agree with you. They will speak out for you. You the 20 to 30% of country that just doesn’t get it. If you don’t like the hollywood machine, then by all means get out in your yard and let your voice be heard. At least there you will not be risking my life or the lives of thousands upon thousands of others in case of an emergency.


~ by David on March 21, 2003.

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