Have I been in a coma…?

The answer is…. No.
But you may have thought so if you have visited here between October and now. I could swear that I updated at least once in that time, but I guess I’m wrong. In any case, although I have not been in a coma for the last 4 months, it feels like I have been for the last 2 weeks. I came down with one of those truely nasty flu’s. The kind where it is so agonizing to swallow that you can’t sleep. I turned into a total vegetable for the duration of the sickness, rarely leaving the couch except to refill my water or take my medicine. I watched the entire “Band of Brothers” series from HBO, the entire first season of “The Shield” and the entire first season of “24”. It was somewhat depressing, yet interesting. It’s funny how immersed in a plot you can become when you spend so much of a relatively short period of time enjoying it. All three were interesting and engrossing, but I have to say that I got a strange feeling watching “The Shield” Watching 13 hours of a corrupt cop squirming out of trouble and flagrantly breaking the law and the trust of the people he is supposed to be protecting, made me sick to my stomach. But I cannot deny that it was interesting. It was the first time I have actually hoped that a main charachter would get caught and put away.
Not too much else going around here, I am finally starting to feel better. We just had another 1 foot+ storm and we are expecting another this weekend. After every storm we use the snowblower to make paths around the back yard, so the dog can run and find somewhere to go to the bathroom. The funny part is that when he’s running the trails, the snow is so high that you can’t even see him. I’ll be happy once spring hits though and we actually have a yard again.
Progress has been slow as of late, between football taking up dads weekends, everyone being sick and the weather, but I’m hoping we’ll get back to it in ernest soon.
With all that said, I think I ought to rest up a little more, so I’ll write you all again soon… (soon being a relative term)

~ by David on February 19, 2003.

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