Good Morning….

Hey there all, I’m back. After a absolutely wonderful weekend (spent not in maine as I had planned. We actually ended up in Lake Placid (a birthday trip from Mom and Dad) at the Holiday Inn Resort. What a great town. We had a fantastic time. Gondola rides to the top of Fall colored ski mountains. Scenic waterfalls. Kyaking on Mirror Lake. Shopping at inexpensive antique shops for our new house. And dining at excellent restaurants. It was great.) Monday through Wednesday were rough, trouble sleeping and busy days wore me right to the bone, but Thursday is off to a great start. I woke up at 5am and decided it was time to get up. Four cups of coffee later, I have walked and fed the dog, done some dishes, watched the news, and checked all the news sites I frequent, found a new band I thouroughly enjoy (IVY), showered, shaved and I still have an hour and a half to go before work. I may have to consider doing this more often. Well I need to get on with my morning (no rush) but I just wanted to share this with you all. Have a great day…

~ by David on October 3, 2002.

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