Warmongering? my ass….

If you don’t want to think about politics, skip this entry…

I listen to the radio and television coverage of the Iraq debate on a daily basis, and I have heard much valid debate on the issue. But in the past couple of weeks, I have been irked to no end by the rampant bias I hear on NPR. I used to enjoy NPR, I could see past the occasional slant I thought that I may have perceived. But this last weekend and in fact this morning it hit me hard as I listened to commentary after commentary on how President Bush was doing this with no regard to what the rest of the world thinks, and how he was going to destroy this country with his warmongering. The thing is that while every one of the commentators had essentially the same thing to say, none of them addressed or in some cases seemed to absolutely ignore the stated reasons the Bush administration has.

The icing on the cake for me has been the repeated scorn aimed at President Bush for acting unilaterally. Now perhaps people have forgotten the definition of unilateral, but in my world, you can not call something unilateral when there are 8 countries that support something. I will admit that the US has stated it would be willing to act alone if it must, but from the very beginning of this process Prime minister Tony Blaire has stood beside President Bush whole heartedly. This has never been a unilateral situation.

The other common attack this weekend has been that the US has ignored the “good will” shown by Iraq allowing “unfettered access” to inspectors. This is ridiculous. Since last monday there have been reports in the media, starting in the Times of London with a statement by an Iraqi official that it was in fact unfettered access to military installations. Well let me think, if I were a dictator trying to build an arsenal of mass destruction, who has in fact been building some of these weapons from mobile labs, would I leave the evidence where I plan on letting inspectors search, or would I hide the weapons wherever they are least likely to be found? We already know that this was his strategy the last time inspectors were sent in. Why should we trust him now?

The other point is that if anyone had watched the speech given by the President before the UN, it would be obvious that the inspections were only one of the 16 resolutions that are being ignored by Iraq. Now the common response to this is that we have no right to complain about countries ignoring resolutions since we don't seem to care about the Israeli's ignoring the resolutions aimed at them and that we (the US) are ignoring some aimed at us as well. This argument misses the point that the resolutions ignored by the US and by Israel are nothing in comparison to resolutions aimed at a dictator who is building up weapons of mass destruction, who has used chemical and biological attacks on the people of his own country, who regularly tortures, rapes and murders people (and their loved ones) who don't agree with him or speak out against him, and lastly a man and administration who have declared war on the US and who we know support terrorism throughout the world.

Now truth be told, I don’t particularly like the idea of this country going to war, but who would. It is the duty of our government to protect this country. Protection does not mean retaliation. In my opinion, based on the facts as they have been presented to me, if we are going to avoid risking a serious and devastating attacks on our country, we must take a serious stance against Saddam Hussein's regime and any other country that supports terror.

Ug, I know most of you probably didn’t want to hear this all, but I just needed to vent.


~ by David on September 23, 2002.

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