Good morning all…

Well at least my inactive intervals are getting shorter.
Things are going well here. Unfortunately work on the house has been suspended for a couple of weeks. It has started again today with only a few hitches. First the carpet people mis-cut the carpet and now have to re-order carpet. That should take about 2 weeks or more. I hate when things like this happen. Second, we forgot to write down the model of sink and microwave we had decided on. But thats no big deal we just have to go back to the store tomorrow. Dad’s down installing the rest of the flooring in the kitchen and the hall today, so at least we are getting something done.

Anyway, other good news is that I am only 2 days from my birthday. 26 already.. It’s funny how quick the last few years have started moving. I hear it only gets faster, so I plan on enjoying them all as much as I can. To celebrate, K and I are going to take the RV to maine for the weekend. It should be a fun little road trip, and the ocean air will be refreshing. I can’t wait. Thats about all the update I have for you all at the moment. Talk to you all soon.

~ by David on September 23, 2002.

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