I feel good….

Today has been a great day, I was actually able to get out of the office since it was so slow. I had a doctor’s appointment about my allergies. Hopefully now my eyes will stop itching. And It was so quick that I actually had time to go downtown and get a MUCH needed haircut. I no longer feel like some hick bum with wings coming out of my hat and over my ears. Plus tonight K and I start at the gym. I’m so happy that she is willing to go with me and keep me company. I’d probably never be motivated enough to go otherwise. On top of all that, I have decided to go ahead with this literature web site. I bought the domain name and found a host server yesterday. Now all I have to do is get something up there. You can check it out through this link for the moment (not that there is much there yet). I hope to have at least something functional up by next week. I’m having a blast working on it. Well thats all I have here for the moment. I’ll write again soon…

~ by David on August 20, 2002.

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