Tech Update…

I found a neat little program a little while back. It’s called Weatherbug. It’s a small program that runs in the taskbar (lower right hand corner) of your computer. It displays the current temp in the taskbar, updating either in real-time, or in some cases every 5 minutes or so. The forecasts are based on the the weather stations located at your local airport.

If you click on the temp, it brings up a small window with all the weather info you could hope to find. Things like radar, 5 day outlooks, pollen counts, moon phase, sporting event outlooks and links to local webcams showing weather. There are all kinds of neat features. I highly recommend it. It is much easier to use than going to The Weather Channel website.

The free version is very functional, it has a little less feature wise, but it is plenty of information for me. We bought the full version in the office here. It basically removes any ads from the weather window and lets you do a couple extra things like check weather over seas etc.

The best feature of this program in my opinion though (and this is available even with an unregistered version) is that whenever there is a sever weather warning or watch, the program will send a little chirping alert through your speakers letting you know that there is an alert of some sort. Then you just click on the temp and you will get the direct alert message that is sent to radio and tv stations in an alert, including what time the storm is due to hit your area.

In the two weeks or so that I have been using the program, I have gotten 4 alerts. It was accurate every time. If only it would get rid of this headache I have this morning. Ugh… All in all, I think this has to be one of the most useful programs I have found on the net. If anyone decides to try it out, let me know what you think of it.

Talk to you all soon…

~ by David on August 19, 2002.

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