A swollen day…

Well as I said last night. I had to get up this morning to go mow the lawn at the new house. Let me tell you, 5 and a half hours of sleep is sadly short of fulfilling. I ended up getting out the door about 15 minutes late, but it was ok because the grass was still to dew covered to mow when I first got there. Once it dried enough I started the cutting which went as smooth as could be. It took about an hour and a half to cut the front 2 thirds of the property. Definitely not bad on a cool morning. I believe I will have to make a habit of beating the heat and mowing early. Today I didn’t need to mow the back third of the property due to the drought we have been experiencing. The grass back there just had not grown enough to warrant a cutting. Once the mowing was done, I began the weed whacking. It was going fine until I got to the deep grass growing in a gully along the road in the front yard. It was tall and somewhat difficult to cut, but the problem was not with the work itself. I had obviously not been thinking when I started this portion of my morning duties. I may not have mentioned this recently, but my allergies have been terrible for the last week and a half or so. The primary irritant? Grass. Ugh… talk about stupidity. By the time I was three quarters of the way done weed whacking, my right eye was swollen almost completely shut and my left one was seriously considering joining the party. When my right eye finally closed I decided enough was enough and pawned the job off to Dad. I felt quite guilty, but I really had no choice.
A little opcon-a (allergy eye drops)and an ice pack later, I was back to normal and on the road with K and a friend and her daughter down to Albany to do some shopping. K was the only one who bought anything, but we had a really good time. We just got home and I am quite tired and sore. I had also made the mistake of wearing sandals to the mall. They are are not at all meant to be worn for a full day of walking and piggy back rides. Time to make some dinner and settle in for a nights reading on the couch (not that I think I’ll be conscious for very long). Have a great night all…


~ by David on August 18, 2002.

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