Saturdays and sweat….

Well here it is, a Saturday, a day when the inner child just yearns to sit at home on the floor eating cereal and watching cartoons. Well, that is in fact how my day started. It was pleasant. Relaxing even. Mindless entertainment full of corney adolescent humor and bright colors. Unfortunately the cartoons turned into boring weekend slop as I drank the last of my sugary milk from the bottom of the bowl.
The time had come to get dressed and head over for some work at the new house. We worked on re-sheetrocking the bedroom for awhile and gave the obligatory tour to the neighbors when they stopped by. After that I was saddled with what has to be one of the worst jobs to do on a summer day. I steamed and scrapped multiple layers of wall paper off the kitchen walls. Let me just say that steam and 90 degree days do not go well together.
Once we finished that, we headed up to Mom and Dads for some water and called it a day. I know, I know, not too much work. But let me tell you, after working with that steam, I was drenched in sweat. I had had enough.
So here we are finally back at home in the cool air of our apartment (an amenity I will sorely miss) doing a little work on the computers and deciding whether or not to go to the drive-in tonight. We’ll just have to see. I’ll let you know if the movies are any good. Oh and hey, don’t forget to tell me what you have been reading as of late….

~ by David on August 17, 2002.

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