Readers Corner – 08/14/02

Well here is the update…. I finished my Stephenson obsession shortly after that last update. It was enjoyable, and I will surely read anything else of his that comes my way. I then decided to see just what John Grisham was up to. I am tired of his legal thrillers, but I happened across “A Painted House”. An excellent book about a child growing up on a farm in 1952. In my opinion, it was a wonderful book. It was just the sort of book that seems to rarely be written anymore (at least by the authors that I tend to read). I recommend it very highly. I’m planning on reading his only other non legal publication “Skipping Christmas” once the holidays role around again. (I can’t justify reading a Christmas book in August)

From there I found my way to “Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates”, a truly unique book from a twisted mind. Tom Robbins, it seems, has a very unique outlook on the world and is a riot to read. This story seemed more an exercise in superb writing than a narrative about a very contradictory character. I need a short break from him, but I will definitely need to read more.

Most recently though I have been trying to read a bit more non-fiction, I have been a bit weak in that area throughout my reading life. Fiction has always been a nice escape, but I am finding that it is still possible to escape through non-fiction as well and with the bonus of being informative as well.

I just finished a couple of very interesting books…

Kitchen ConfidentialAnthony Bourdain
An interesting look inside one mans experience in the restaurant business. I truly had no clue that the industry was anything like this. It was eye opening and thoroughly entertaining.

The professor and the MadmanSimon Winchester
The story of the editor of the Oxford English Dictionary and its most prolific contributor, who happened to be an institutionalized murderer.

Throughout all these books I have been pouring through some very enjoyable fantasy books: The Counselors & Kings series by Elaine Cunningham, The Return of the Arch Wizards series by Troy Denning, and some novels from the Elminster series by Ed Greenwood. All quite enjoyable.

Thats all for now…. I’ll try and post again soon…


~ by David on August 14, 2002.

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