Technology Corner – 02-14-02

Since my recent return to the Science Fiction genre of literature, I have been somewhat dissapointed that more of the imaginative technologies in theese book, have not come into being. I have started to feel like technology is not moving as fast as I would like. Now, I know that this is a completely rediculous and naieve statement, and I have in fact decided that I am wrong. The truth is that, with the exception of my new audio book player (which is no small technological advancement), my technological environment has not changed, in the drastic way that I have become accustomed to, in some time. I have, at least for the moment reached a technological plateau of sorts.

Because of this yearning for the new and the fantastic, I have decided to do some research into the world of technology that is advancing all around my small town life. It may not be immediately noticable to me, but with some diligence, I can dig it up.

The first breakthrough that I have come across is a technology being developed by a company in Lund, Sweden. This company is developing an interface for the computer which is not only ground breaking, but ancient. This new interface is simply… The pen and paper. Only not quite the pen and paper that we are used to. Although to the casual observer, it looks no different than traditional ball point pen and paper, but in truth it is a pen that records both what you write on a page and where on the page it is written. When done with the sheet of paper, all you have to do is check a box on the page and the pen will recognize this as a command to transimit the information you have written, as a fax, email, pager message etc. The paper will come in sizes and types familiar to us, such as looseleaf, legal pad, post it notes etc. This is great in my opinion. If you want to read about all this, you can start with an article from Wired magazine (here). Or if you want a more in depth description, check out another article (here). The only problem is that both theese articles say that the technology is coming soon, but they were written in 2000 and 2001. I was a bit worried that the project had fallen by the wayside when I found this out, but after some more research I found a press release on the companys own website from February 7, 2002 talking about their recent partnership with Microsoft. That is about as close to a garauntee as you can get that this project will be rolling out in the future. The companies web site can be reached (here).


~ by David on February 14, 2002.

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