So I am very bad at this…

I have been more than delinquent in updating my page, and any of you who may have been reading, have probably stopped. My plans of updating this page frequently have fallen by the wayside, but I am making an effort to update it at least every once in a while starting now. As of late I have just been trying to get my life in order, I had fallen out of a schedule. In fact I had pretty much never gotten into a pattern, at least not a worthwhile one, since moving out here. Therefore I was not getting everything done that I needed to. In any case I have gotten myself organized in the past 2 weeks and should find myself in the groove again.

Christmas was great, and so was our trip out to Chicago for our second Christmas with K’s family. All the gifts were wonderful. Thanks to everyone.

As for books and movies and the like, I have gotten back on a bit of a science fiction / fantasy kick. But I have also signed up with a new service called (click here) It is an online store for audio books, only instead of actually buying tapes or cd's, you buy them as MP3 files which you can download and listen to on your computer, or you can buy a small player called an audible OTIS which is incredibly portable and holds an entire 18 hour book. A much better option than most audio books where you are constantly flipping and changing tapes. Plus you can't lose them since you are not only able to download them onto your computer, but you can also re download them as many times as you like (saving you money if your computer dies or something) I definitely recommend checking them out.

Most notably book wise, I am reading/listening to (and very nearly finished with) an interesting book called SNOWCRASH by Neal Stephenson. It's a neo cyberpunk book about many things from the future of the franchisement of America, Inflation, Origins of Language, the internet, viruses, and many other things including humorous views of what may become of things like the mafia, pizza delivery, and much much more.

Not too much else going on here. I hope all is well with anyone who is reading this. I miss you all.

~ by David on February 13, 2002.

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