Sorry that I didn’t update yesterday, we had some internet problems here yesterday.

Just as a quick update to the stories that scared me the other day, I’d just like to say that there are some sick people out there and I think that in a time like this, it should be criminal to play upon peoples fears. The people that committed these hoaxes (and thats what they all were) should be prosecuted to the fullest of this countries abilities. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean death penalties, but these people should spend years in prison, or perhaps mental institutions, because these people are either sick or just really stupid and malevolent.

Now on another note, there has been one more confirmed case of Anthrax in Florida, but at least it is yet another co-worker of the first man and not someone from outside that building. I hope they caught it early enough. If you want to read more, just ::CLICK HERE::


~ by David on October 11, 2001.

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