News Stories that scare me today…

Story #1: The story of the man in Boca Raton Fl. who contracted Anthrax has continued and new developments show that another man who worked with the first man has been exposed to the same strain of Anthrax. This led to their workplace being shutdown and very thouroughly scoured for more traces of the bacteria. So far all we know is that it was found on a keyboard in the building as well.

Story #3: A US post office in Delray Beach Fl. has been shut down and is being searched for the Anthrax virus. More information will be provided when the story is posted on the papers web site.

Story #2: 2 locations in Naples FL. recieve envelopes full of sticky/powdered white substance. Hazardous Materiels divisions close down both buildings and quarantine workers.

((pic deleted))

Story #5: An IRS office in Ohio recieves an envelope with a sticky substance within. Haz Mat shuts building down and sends at least one woman to a local hospital for decontamination.

Story #4: Man with gun drops jar of unknown substance on Maryland subway platform. 15 people sick and quarantined.

I’m sorry that all I keep posting up here is scary stuff about the current events, but it is what is on my mind and a way for me to get alot of these stories to you all. The Florida events are particularly disturbing in light of the fact that I was going to be attending a conference in Florida this month. I am no longer going, but my father may still be. I’ll try to update with something lighter later tonight, otherwise I will try to make things lighter tomorrow. I’ll talk to you all soon.

~ by David on October 9, 2001.

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