Literary Update…

Last night while out at the library, I finally found the book I had been searching for all week. I had heard it referenced on Fox News last week when they had the author on. The book is incredibly relevant to the situation around us at the moment. The book is called…

((pic deleted))

FUTURE WAR: non-lethal weapons in twenty-first-century warfare

I know it sounds like a book on future technologies, but in fact, it covers the fact that future wars are not to be fought as country vs. country, but as ideology vs. ideology. In the case at the moment, the ideology of America as a free country fighting for a free world, and a radical Islamic sect that is anti-America and anti-Israel. The books author talks about how these fights will likely not be a conventional war with fronts, but a war which we fight in our own cities and streets and in the cities and streets of our allies. A war in which “collateral damage” in other words, deaths of innocent civilians, will be detrimental to our cause and our relationships with our allies. The solution to this is not a switch to entirely non-lethal, or less than lethal warfare, but a supplementing of our traditional military force with weapons meant to capture and contain both the assailants and the weapons of destruction they carry whether it be low grade nuclear munitions, or biological agents, or even the terrorist themselves turned into a walking bomb.

I am only a few chapters into the book at the moment, but so far it makes quite a deal of sense. Between this book and the other book I’m reading: GERMS, the world has gotten somewhat more frightening, but I am confident in the way the country is handling the situation so far. I can only hope it continues this way, and that everything is held in check until we can root out these terrorist cells.

~ by David on October 5, 2001.

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