Back in NY…

Well I have finally moved back to New York. K and I have been trying to settle in, but it has been hard. It was super busy here since we arrived. First her parents were in town for the first 5 days, an interesting experiment in and of itself. I don’t know the last time she had to spend that much time (all in all 10 days) with them. The tension was a bit high toward the end. On top of that, my family from sweden arrived the day after we did, so we were forced into a constant social mode. It was wonderful having my familly all around me and we had a good time. It only got a bit stressfull when the World Trade Center attack occured. September 11. The day before my family was supposed to fly out of Newark. From that point on, everyones nerves became a bit frayed, spontaneous crying at news of attacks and bomb threats. In the end they were stranded here for an extra week. Today we start the process of truely settling in. No more family dinner every night, and an opportunity to start a schedule of our own.

On another note, I am taking a new direction with this journal. I have decided to keep most of this journal to myself. Instead I will probably use the public area as a scrapbook, and artistic outlet. I am also going to start cataloging the stories that make my life what it is. Enjoy, and wish me luck…


~ by David on September 19, 2001.

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