Ah… to be free of the city….

((pic deleted))

I was just sitting here thinking about how incredbly nice it is to be out of a city. It has been amazing over the last few weeks to sit out on the porch in the early evening and watch the sky slowly darken from a deep blue through prisim of oranges and purples to a true black. The green haze that flooded the skies over Minneapolis is a distant memory, hinted at only far off in the distance over the mountains as I pick out the hazy dome over Saratoga. But above me is a world of stars that seem so dense that it is nothing short of amazing to imagine that once I could see barely a star or two.

I do miss the lakes, and the skyline now and again. I will never forget my last good look at Minneapolis as I talked with Ward. Sitting in the park around Calhoun at 1 or 2 in the morning and watching lightning jump from cloud to cloud around the city a non-stop lightshow.

At night as I walk down the road here in Porter Corners, there is so little light that I actually get edgy. I remember a time as a kid out here, here I knew these roads so well that I could ride my bike, or in later years my 4-wheeler down the road in the pitch dark and have no worry other than an occaisonal bat. In time I hope I will be that comfortable again. All I know is that it is a far cry from the softly lit streets of Minneapolis. I hope you can come out and visit soon and share in the calm and quiet.

~ by David on September 19, 2001.

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