I’m an idiot…

Morning… Please pay attention to the lack of good at the beginning of that statement. I fell asleep in the office last night. at 10 after 4 this morning I should say. It’s now 8:55 and dad has woken me up to watch the office till 9:30. My cold is back almost full force. Every time I cough I feel like my throat is tearing. I just drank dayquill straight from the bottle. It isn’t doing a thing. I just thought I’d let you know where I stand this morning. Please… Let this day get better… exponentially.
In other news, it is a gorgeous morning out, and it doesn’t even look humid out. I hope Dad cleaned the barn already. As soon as he gets back, it’s straight to bed for another 4 hours at least. I really want to be healthy by tomorrow…


~ by David on June 18, 2001.

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