Am I weird?

I mean hey, I’m by far not the only one journaling on here. You see both my mom and my girlfriend have now told me that they think it’s weird that I would want to expose myself to the general public in this way. Maybe it is, I don’t know, I’m not even sure why I find it so appealing for myself. I’m curious why everyone else does it… Do they understand why they do it? Maybe it hasn’t hit me yet that this is public, but I mean I think I know it deep down. Is it a yearning for more attention? Is it an outlet of some sort. I probably should have thought it through a bit more, left out names, and not told anyone anything personal about anyone else. In fact I may go back and remove them, but I don’t know. I’ve already removed a few things for K. I don’t want everyone to think I’m odd for doing this. I mean it’s not like a cam or anything you know? Maybe it’s the deep down want of a community that understands me and is able to sympathize with what I’m thinking. But at the same time, I don’t know, I don’t want anyone (ie. friends and family) to think that I don’t connect like this with them. I think this is going in the personal folder… I need to think about it more…

~ by David on June 18, 2001.

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