Affinity for Electronica…

I’m just chilling out around the computer at the moment. It got too hot outside to read. I have been incredibly hooked on all of Michael Connelly’s books as of the last month and a half. Between the audio books and paper books, I am about 2/3 of the way through his collected works. It’s been awhile since I’ve just run through someones writings so completely. He just has a way with a story. I guess he was a crime reporter in LA for some time and then moved on to being a novelist. I have never read anyone who spent so much time working out the nuiances of a plot, especially in a mystery. It seems that most of the mysteries I have read in the past are more about the charachter than the charachters trail to solving a case. In the Harry Bosch novels by Connelly, you are completely there. He leaves nearly nothing out. Because of this you are able to follow along and pull together a hypothesis on your own with very little help from the charachter. I Love it. And speeking of being drawn to things. I have really found an affinity for electronica. It is perfect for working on the computer. It really helps me keep a pace. Nice and Airy, Not too techno-y, but has a wonderful beat. Plus I don’t get distracted by singing along and losing my train of thought. It’s kind of like classical in that sence. You just kind of flow into the music. Best of all is that it reminds me of K.

(note: I love ice water on a summers day…)

You should check out if you are interested in electronica.

Smile it's summer…

~ by David on June 18, 2001.

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