Fathers Day…

I think I blew this one. It’s fathers day and not only did I sleep in until 10:15, but my dad ended up cleaning the barn. I was planning on that being part of my Fathers Day gift. Anyway, then on top of that, It seems that I have fallen to blame because the office computers are acting funny, well actually one of them just plain isn’t acting. Oh well. I don’t think I did anything wrong, so the most I can do is try to help him fix it.

I also found out this morning that riots broke out back in my family’s epicenter, Goteborg Sweden. I guess Bush was over there and then the EU summit was there. It was going rather well at first, hundreds of protesters peacefully demonstrating. Then the AFA reared it’s ugly head and started the rioting. It’s very weird to look at the pictures as it was on Saturday, and transpose all of the fun I’ve had walking the Avenyn (the avenue… It’s the central shopping district in Goteborg and is also the home of their art museum and concert hall.). Worst of all came when I realized that my sister in law could have been hurt. She is a police officer in a town just outside of Goteborg and I know her division was planning on being called out. She was. Called out that is. But she luckily never ended up in the frey. My brother was quite upset and had a very hard time dealing with it. Looking at the pictures, I am quite glad that she’s ok. It’s a wonder.

Well unfortunately I have to run. I have alot more I wanna talk about and some pictures from the swedish paper that I want throw up here, but I have to run out wth my mom and shop for Mike’s wedding present. I still can’t believe that they (Mike and Brandi) are getting married in two weeks. I’ll do some more writing when I get home this afternoon. Happy Father’s Day all…


~ by David on June 17, 2001.

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