Dormant dragons…

You know that monacher, “Here there be dragons..”.

Well that just about describes the last week, If I were to draw a map of this time, I would label it just so. For the moment though, drowning my concerns and worry in the depths of friendship old and love afar, I have put those pesky dragons at least into a state of hibernation. The only problem is that I have not a clue how long the seasons of this world last. Perhaps for weeks or months, or possibly only until the break of dawn. In any case I am here, and they are there. How’s that for descriptive eh?

Tonight Mike and Bze and I went out to a late dinner and were amazed by the range of karaeoke talent we encountered. We went to a place called the Brew Pub in downtown Saratoga, and I was quite looking forward to a nice fresh brewed beer with my meal. Then it struck me, damn the fact that I changed clothes before going out. Not only did I have to resort to mooching off of my pals, but I was denied my god given right to a bitter drink with my meal. The worst is that the waitress was probably 6 or 7 years younger than me. Now I know that she was just doing her job, but it was quite frustrating. Instead I supplemented my meal with a few bottles of sparkling water with lemon. It was probably better for me anyway. Anyway, then we walked the town and parks until it started raining. Raining is an understatement though, it Poured. And I’ll be damned if this summer cold hasn’t up and left me yet. You’d think that 5 days would be enough, now i just have this terrible hacking cough. I sound 80. Ahhh, enough complaining. You ever notice how easy it is to just go into a roll when complaining?

Creative Juice Check:
slightly below average

Linguistic Check:
an amusing combination
of sleepiness and lack of humidity

Goodnight all… Goodnight me…


~ by David on June 17, 2001.

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