Another day another…

I don’t know, I guess it’s just another day… It’s been a long one. I got home from the movie at about 2:30 in the morning. It was pretty good, but the best thing about it was the preview for Monsters Inc. It looks like the people at pixar have done it again. Anyway. My day started back up again pretty early. 7:45 I was roused from one of those deep drooling sleeps by my mother telling me to put the horses out and clean the barn. I tell ya, there is nothing like being home to make you realize just how not grown up you are in the eyes of your parents. Anyway, after that I cat napped on the couch until I had finally filled my requisit hours in the land of nod. My father got home from Philly around one and filled my mom and I in on the situation with my grandfather, things are sounding better, but I am not getting my hopes up. It seems like every time I do, more bad news comes down the pipe. I think we are going to take an rv down to Phillidelphia this week and bring both my grandmother and grandfather back up here to New York to recouperate. This has been hard on my dad, but he seems to be pulling through it ok. Anyway, yesterday, just before I went to the movie, my friend Mike called and told me he would be in town this weekend from Boston. Tonight, Mike, Bze and I are going to hang out. It should be nice to see him. I know when I go to Las Vegas for the wedding I’ll probably hardly get to see him. But that should be a great trip. I have never been there before. Unfortunately K isn’t going to be able to join me. I miss her so much. One of the best things about today was finally pinning down my return date to either Tuesday or Thursday of this next week. I know I said it once already, but I miss her a ton. Well not much more on my mind at the moment so I should probably get back to listening to some sweet jazz and sketching. Well wait, I guess that is one of my other big big developments from this week. I have finally been feeling creative again. The juices are flowing, they are still somewhat gummy, but hopefully the creativity will loosen up as I keep writing and sketching. This journal should be a good outlet for that. Anyway, this is most likely goodnight, but I will update you again tomorrow. G’nite…

~ by David on June 16, 2001.

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