The journal begins….

So here it is, I am in a state of flux and who knows how long this will last. This being the journal that is. I have run to the east coast, a family emergency has arrisen and I am home running the family buisness. A mere taste of what is to become the next 18 months of my life starting in September. If things were normal at the moment, I would be comfortably lounging around in Minneapolis with my wonderful girlfriend K. … I’m going to take this moment to stop and explain that this is going to be my outlet to purge my mind of the daily grind, and to mark the world with my words. Who knows who will be reading this, but I welcome you here into my world … I miss her terribly. She has been one of the best parts of my world for about 2 years now. Unfortunately she is stuck in the midwest wishing for my return. I’m currently in between gigs in Minneapolis, and therefore was open to heading home to NY. It’s starting to look like we should have moved out here sooner rather than later. I’ll add a pic before my next entry, give my world a face. I doubt anyone will see this all that soon, but if you are reading this, please feel free to say hi or even just read along. I’m hoping that my trip is soon to be over, I miss the comfort of my home and the warmth of K beside me. I’ve been here for almost a week and a half. Now don’t get me wrong, It feels good to be with family, but the stress is far from welcome. I just hope that my grandfather is well and recovers soon. On that note I’m going to wrap it up for now. I need to go cool down. It is way to hot and humid here, factored together, they say it feels like 97 degrees out there today. The pool is calling.

~ by David on June 15, 2001.

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